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Your Solution for Event Data and Ticket Scanning

The motivation for Eventpro is simple: our clients are on the go and need quick access to sales and entry data. With that in mind we decided to offer our clients an app-based experience that lives on both iOS and Android devices. Our Eventpro app offers a scalable ticket scanning solution for all our events as well. Simply login and you’re ready to scan tickets for any event.

A Quick Glance at Eventpro

Eventpro provides event organizers real-time ticket sales and check-in data. No need to login to the web platform when you’re on the go. Now all the most important event data is right at your fingertips on any mobile device.

Real-time tickets sales and revenue data

With our mobile app you can view granular ticket sales data, demographic information, and even see how much revenue has been paid out for your upcoming event.

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Sales Statistics & Check-in Timelines

See exactly how many tickets you need to sell per day to sell out. High-level views of your accounting information. Check-in timeline by minute, hour, and day.

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Scan tickets with ease

Our scalable scanning solution makes it easy for anyone to scan tickets at your event. Simply download the app, login, and start scanning. Even works when there is no wifi connection.

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